Thailand Celebrities

We’re trusted as Indonesia and Southeast Asia’s official commercial partner of Korean & Thailand top tier celebrities for managing brand ambassador and product licensing. As a big part of Thailand wave key success, we’re also managing Indonesia’s Thailand fan communities from various fandoms.

Why Leveraging Thailand Wave?

01. The popularity of Thai dramas in Indonesia has increased in recent years as Indonesian audiences have shown a growing interest in Thai television series.

Proven with how popular series or movies like F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021), Bad Genius The Series (2020), Girl From Nowhere (2018) or The Gifted (2017).

02. Davikah, Bright, Baifern, and Win Metawin are among the currently well-liked Thai actors and actresses in Indonesia., with a substantial Indonesian fanbase in their active social media engagement and the excitement that accompanies their new projects.

03. According to IDN Times, nearly half (48%) of Thai fans have invested their money in supporting Thai actors and actresses, like purchasing DVDs, attending fan meetings or events, and, in some cases, making trips to Thailand.

This statistic highlights the strong commitment and emotional attachment that fans have to their favorite Thai actors and actresses.